Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cookie Exchange 2016

The Rainier Senior Center was filled with bakers & their families for the Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!  There were dozens of cookies to choose from!  I've never seen so many cookies in one place!  We all got to sample cookies, before we chose the ones we wanted to take home.  The cookies were not only wonderful eye candy - they tasted great, too!

We had a white elephant gift exchange after people picked cookies to take home.  The gift exchange was a lot of fun.  Georgia was the first person to choose a gift.  Her's was stolen 3 different times, so it was frozen.  She ended up with the apron George and I brought to the exchange.  She gave it to her grand daughter, who loves to bake.

All in all, it was wonderful to see everyone and get a variety of cookies to bring with us to our family Christmas.  They're in the freezer, now!

Rosemary Sanders took the picture below with all of the cookies:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Caroling for Cans December 10th

We will be “Caroling for Cans” in Rainier on December 10th.  Our Carolers will be singing Christmas carols door to door from 4:30 to 6 pm. We are leaving this bag in case you would like to donate non-perishable food to our food bank and senior center.  If you are not going to be home please leave the filled bag by your door and we will collect it.  If by some chance we miss your home you may take the food donation to City Hall and leave it in the barrel provided,

Thank you for helping your community.  If you would like to join us, we are meeting at the high school at 4:30 on the 10th.  This event is being sponsored by Cub Scout Pack #307

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Order your Christmas Wreaths from Rainier High School Floral Department

Rainier High School has a floral department.  They make arrangements for weddings, funerals, birthday's, anniversaries and business meetings.  You can contact the floral department and order your Christmas wreath on the link Angie Karnes listed below.  All proceeds help support the FFA/Agriculture program at Rainier High School.  

Thought you might be able to include this in some of your information you send out in case anyone wants to order from our floral department. It is also found on the Rainier School District website.


Angie Karnes
Agriculture Educator
Rainier High School

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Veterans Day Breakfast - November 11th

Image result for american legion logo

The American Legion is hosting a Veterans Day Breakfast 
on Nov 11th from 8am – 11am at the Rainier Chapel. 

Please join me in honoring our veterans.


Randy Schleis, Mayor

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

German Diner Menu (Lacey WA)

George and I went with our friends, Lori & Jim Shine to the German Diner in Lacey, WA. We enjoyed dinner so much, we've recommended the restaurant to several of our friends, who've gone there with us.  The food is wonderful!  Homemade and fresh.  We recommend getting reservations - whether you're going during the week, or on a Friday or Saturday evening.  

German Diner Menu Front & Back:

Monday, November 7, 2016

Quarry Town Coffee House Menu

Art & Charlotte Runyan went to a new restaurant in Tenino, just beyond the Sandstone, on the same side of the street.  They recommended it to us highly, so George & I went there Saturday.  The food is fresh and good, as is the coffee. The service is nice, too.  You can order breakfast any time of the day.  If they have something in stock, they'll prepare it to order.  Great new place to eat in the area!  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

NVN Article about Halloween in the Park 2016

Members of the Rainier Senior Center, Teri & Bill Rendahl, Chris Beck helped George Johnson & Art Runyan, who organized this year's Halloween in Boo-Kowski park.  Over 200 kids attended for fun, games and treats, along with their parents.  Many groups turned out this year to celebrate a safe Halloween, here in town.  This celebration just grows and grows, every year.

Here's a copy of the Nisqually Valley News article about our 2016 Halloween in the Park fun:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Veteran's Day Concert at the new RHS Gym


There is a Veteran’s Day Concert at the new RHS gym
on Monday, Nov 7th at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!


Randy Schleis, Mayor

It's All Happening in Rainier 2016

Here's a copy of the article we wrote for the Senior News this month.  Halloween's already over, but the other events at the Rainier Senior Center are coming up!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween at the Rainier Senior Center 2016

The Rainier Senior Center held their annual "Halloween Potluck" Monday.  Several of us dressed up for Halloween.  There was a costume contest.  There were 2 grand prize winners: Bea Carpenter, in her Seahawks costume and a woman in her black cat costume. Darling costumes!  

We had quite the potluck!  Jumbolia, crab quiche, meatloaf, meat balls, casseroles, jello salad, creamed potatoes with carrots and peas, potatoes with ham - along with several kinds of desserts.  Angela made a special Halloween birthday cake and pumpkin bars. Thela made fudge and pumpkin spice caramels.  Alice Ames made eyeball cake pops with forks in them.  Spooktacular!

Group Picture

Bea Carpenter

Bev Randal

Judy Smith

Judy Lashley

Alice Ames

Linda Johnson

Linda LaRue

Shirley Roger

Teena Scott

Gaye Newby

Halloween in the Park 2016

Halloween in the park was a huge success again this and is continuing to grow.  Just shy of two hundred goblins came trick or treating with their parents and scored  lots of treats. Terri Randahl,   Brandi Howell and  Cub Scouts  #307 set up games of skill for prizes, as did Bob Gibson and the Boy Scouts. The Rainier Lions were there, handing out apples (so large you only needed three to make a pie).  Main Street Cookies baked a special batch of cookies, which were bagged and ready to go. We even saw a few adults trick or treating, at that table.
Janie from  Yelm Prairie Soccer made kids test their soccer skills and score a goal for a treat.  Monarch Sculpture Park, on  Waldrick  Rd, passed out  bags with pencils and treats.  What makes Monarch and Myrna very special is that they are supporting the Rainier community while experiencing difficulties being able to re-open to the public.   Paula, of Market Watch  Realty in Rainier, was again there this year with a pop up - welcoming the tricksters with treats.  Market Realty shows up ever year and never needs a reminder.  Jennica, with Rainier Community Cares, passed out trick or treat shopping bags, pens and candy.  Everett Gage, from RCC and  the Rainier City Council, supplied cocoa and cider.  Nancy, Phyllis and Danny, from The Rainier food Bank, passed out full bags of treats, kind of like one house was all you needed to stop at.  Jeannine, of Rainier Community Garden,  passed out apples and garden seeds for the upcoming season.  They went fast.
The South Thurston Fire came with a fire truck and parked at the entrance to the park, to welcome all.  Art Runyan  supplied candy and pots of hot water for cocoa and cider.  Lastly I want to thank the Mayor, Randy Schleis and City Hall , because without  their help this would never have happened.
PLEASE support these business’s and groups throughout the coming year. They all go out of their way for the children of Rainier, so they can have a safe and fun Halloween. Maybe you may want to join them next year. THANK YOU AGAIN, I cannot say it often enough to all those people who could have stayed warm and cozy at home, but cared enough to come out in the rain, for the kids.  These people make me proud to say that I live in Rainier.
Thank you all for what you do.

George Johnson

Jennica with Rainier Community Cares

Jennica with Rainier Community Cares

Main Street Cookies!

Jeannine Pia with Rainier Community Garden

Jeannine Pia with Rainier Community Garden

Everett Gage brought cocoa & cider.  Art provided hot water and coffee.

Rainier Emergency Food Center volunteers handing out treats.

Rainier Emergency Food Center volunteers handing out treats.

Busy Halloween Trick or Treaters!

Happy Halloween in Boo-Kowski Park!

Mayor Randy Schleis comes to visit with our parents and children!

Chris Fanton, volunteer with Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Danny Kruse - volunteer at Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Soccer Game - play to win!

Teri Rendahl - with the Rainier Cub Scouts, Rainier Lions Club & Rainier Senior Center! 

Lucky Duck!

Phyllis - volunteer at Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Danny Kruse - volunteer at Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Rainier Lions Club - a cauldron of apples!

Safe Streets Rainier booth.

Main Street Cookies!  YUMMM...

Market Watch Reality Group.  They come every year!  Thank you both!

Market Watch Reality Group.  They come every year!  Thank you both!