Monday, November 27, 2017

RSC Board Meeting Minutes November 27, 2017

Board Meeting started at 1:30 PM on 11/27/17

George & Linda Johnson
Teena Scott
Betty Howells
Thela Stepp

Dave & Shirley England
Rosemary Sanders

New Business:

  1. Install Doors - back room and front to create storage areas for Rummage Sale & Christmas Bazaar items.
  2. Build Sign - Purchase Marque Letters
  3. Door Sign - letting people know that the entrance is on the side of the building
  4. Order checks from the bank
  5. Re-key the PO Box because we need 2 keys.  We only have one.
  6. Open side door to the storage room.  Close off the door into the eating area.

Nominations for Board Chairs:

Chair:  Thela Stepp
Co-Chair:  Teena Scott
Secretary:  Linda Johnson
Treasurer:  Betty Howells
Members at Large:  Dave & Shirley England, Rosemary Sanders

Old Business:  

  1. Checking account in Yelm, Betty will move the balance from Olympia account and close that account.
  2. Insurance change is complete - Mutual Life
  3. 501-c3 paperwork updated.
  4. Property Tax - Due in April
  5. We earned $1216.00 from our Christmas Bazaar, so far.  There were some sales today.
  6. We are having a Cookie Exchange on December 9th at 1 PM, along with a white elephant gift exchange and donations of one can of food to the Senior Center Food Bank for our members.
  7. We received donations for our Rummage Sale this spring from an estate sale.  
  8. The Rainier Emergency Food Center is donating 2 turkeys to the Senior Center this week.

Next Meeting will be December 19th.

Treasurer's Report will be in December due to the bank change.  

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Kristin Guizzetti, Supervisor for Adult Protective Service, will be making a presentation at the Rainier Senior Center on December 11th starting at 10:30 AM.  Her presentation will be about 1 hour long.  She will answer questions or concerns about the services that Adult Protective Services provide.

Adult Protective Services receives and investigates reports of allegations of abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults living in the community and in facilities. ... Abuse prevention tips and suggestions. Read current laws that protect vulnerable adults in Washington State.

APS will take the report and investigate if APS has jurisdiction and the adult is considered a vulnerable adult.
An APS investigator will:
  • conduct a home visit, usually unannounced;
  • interview other individuals who may have information about the situation; and
  • offer protective services if the investigator determines abuse has occurred.
Depending upon the situation, law enforcement may also be called upon to investigate.
If abuse is confirmed, APS works closely with others in the community to ensure the health and safety of the vulnerable adult. This may include such things as having a case manager work with the vulnerable adult to determine what care services are needed and helping him/her get those services, emergency shelter, food, medical care, counseling, help moving if it is necessary and follow up to ensure the adult is safe.
On the legal front, APS may report the alleged abuser to law enforcement, help get an emergency protective order, an injunction to allow access to an alleged victim or referral for legal assistance. In extreme cases, APS may work with the Attorney General’s office to appoint a guardian.
It is important to understand the vulnerable adult has the right to make his/her choices. A vulnerable adult who has been abused has the right to refuse any or all interventions or change his/her mind and withdraw consent to any assistance from APS at any time.

Call 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276*) if you: suspect abuse or neglect of a child suspect abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult Call 9-1-1 if a child or adult is in an ... People with hearing loss who have specialized telecommunication devices can call 866-363-4276 (End Harm) through Washington Relay Service.

December 2017 Lunch Menu

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Flooding and Landslide Threats

Flooding and Landslide Threats

This weekend is a busy time with travel, shopping, etc. Drive carefully as there may be localized flooding and pooling water on the roadways.

The National Weather Service has included Thurston County in their flood watch due to the amount of rain predicted. We will be posting updates as they are received. Our Facebook and Twitter are updated regularly by our 24/7 duty officer.
tonight. At the coast, rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches are likely, Recent rains have increased soil moisture to high levels across Western Washington, with heavy rainfall expected at times today and with a half to one and a half inches over the interior lowlands.
For more information about current conditions, visit:, select Hydrology, and then scroll down for the links to the landslide information pages.

For more information on landslides, visit the website for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources landslide geologic hazards at:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Bazaar 2017 at the Rainier Senior Center!

The Rainier Senior Center is hosting their Annual Christmas Bazaar this coming Friday and Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM.  We have a lot of Christmas decorations, gifts and gift sets, as well as homemade baked goodies.  There is something for everyone at this years sale.  We have many new Holiday Towel Sets, Fragrance Sets, Christmas Light Sets, new Nativity Sets.  The selection is truly amazing!  The prices are LOW!  Come join the holiday festivities at our senior center in downtown Rainier!  

108 Michigan Ave.  (360) 446-2258

Friday, November 10, 2017

Rainier Senior Center 2017 Cookie Exchange

The Rainier Senior Center is having their annual Cookie Exchange on December 9th this year.  There is no charge for this event, but please bring a can of food for the food bank.  We will open at 1 PM and have a white elephant gift exchange.  Festivities start at 1 PM.

Please bring at least 5 dozen home made cookies, if you want to participate in the cookie exchange.  If you want to participate in the white elephant gift exchange, I believe the limit is $10.00.  Call the Rainier Senior Center at (360) 446-2258 and ask for Teena or Thela, if you have any questions.

Invite your friends!  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween in the Park 2017 Pictures

Halloween in the park was a huge win for the city of Rainier.  Hundreds of children and adults started arriving at 5 pm sharp .  If you were not there you truly missed an amazing evening. Over 200 children brought their parents to Boo-Kowski Park, for a "Happy Halloween!"  The kids enjoyed playing games more than the candy.  We even had left over candy in our booth.

Alice Kinney showed up on her trusty steed as the "Grim Reaper."  All George Johnson could say was "We have a horse!  We have a horse here!!"  What a terrific surprise for the kids and adults alike.   Thanks to Alice, Boo-Kowski Park was spooky this year. (Pictures below this article.)

A special "thank you" goes out to:  Rainier Community Cares, the Mayor & Rainier City Council, Rainier Senior Center, Rainier Emergency Food Center, Rainier Lions Club members, The Rainier Cub Scouts, Main Street Cookies and many other groups brought treats for the kids, so they could celebrate a safe and fun Halloween. 

I want to thank the following people  who made this a fun night for all , children and adults alike.
Chris Beck- Rainier Lions
Dawn Kenney-John-Michael- Autumn - Rainier Lions
Teri Rendahl-Rainier Lions
Jennica Machado-Rainier Community Cares
Brandi Howell- and scouts- Rainier Cub Scouts Pack 307
Nancy Decker-Rainier Food Bank
Tom Decker-Rainier Food Back
Phyillis Heinselman.-Rainier Food bank
Laura--Rainier Food Bank
Joycelyn Zambuto-Main Street Cookies
Tom and Ellie Armbrister
Art Runyan-Tipsoo Loop
Alice Kinney and big horse- the grim reaper-Tipsoo Loop
Cherry Crafton-Rochester St’
Rachael Stephenson-Tipsoo  Loop

Another big thank you to Rita Meldrum and teachers who got the word out to the kids , they are great.
All of these people gave their time and money to make this a fun night for our kids. PLEASE thank them when you see them. The scouts were having so much fun running games that they passed on trick or treating.