Sunday, June 4, 2023

Teenie Weenie Microgreens

There's a new vendor at the Rainier Saturday Market:  "Teenie Weenie Microgreens".

I spoke with the owner, Dustin Lynch, who lives in Rainier.  He grows his microgreens on special hemp mats instead of soil.  The growing trays are sanitized and the water is at the correct PH for growing without bacteria, viruses, fungi or insects.  

He gives out samples.  His organic microgreen seedlings taste amazing!  I tried broccoli, peas and sunflower microgreens.  He delivers in Rainier.  His microgreen & edible flowers menu is below.  

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed with one set of true leaves.  Microgreens can lower blood pressure.  Foods that are high in fiber and vitamin K can be helpful in maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and microgreens are high in both of these important elements as well as other vitamins and minerals.   Wikipedia

Size: approximately 1-3 inches tall

According to WebMD some of the benefits of microgreens are:  

  • Microgreens might help fight cancer. 
  • Some microgreens can help lower cholesterol. 
  • Microgreens can support gut health.

Friday, May 5, 2023

May 2023 Lunch Menu


Reading Programs for Thurston County

Dolly Parton Reading Programs for Thurston County

ALL children (0 - 5 years old) in Thurston County are eligible to receive 
a free book once a month from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library! 

NOTE:  The time and day of the week has changed for the kids reading program.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Rattlin' Bog TYT Benefit Concert March 11th 2023


                                                Tickets are free!

RSVP online at:

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Get your tickets in advance.   This event is hosted in the Evergreen Playhouse in Centralia, WA.

Anyone interested in auditioning for upcoming performances, please check out the information on their website.  People who are interested in performing, but have no theater experience are encouraged to audition.  

Tenino Arts Spring Market March 24-26 2023

 Tenino Arts Spring Market

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Timberland Library Reading Program @ Senior Center

 The Timberland Library Reading Program for Kids!

Join us for the children's reading program at the Senior Center of Rainier!  We're located at
108 Michigan St S, Rainier WA 98576.  Call if you have any questions (360) 446-2258 or
email us at:

We have an oak cabinet that is filled with children's book.  Please feel free to take a book for your child when you come to the reading program!  This will give your child something new to read when they get home.

      Reading opens up whole new adventures to explore!  Let's Read Together!  

Coffee with Sheriff Sanders


The Senior Center of Rainier is hosting "Coffee with the Sheriff" Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Sheriff Derek Sanders will talk about things happening in Thurston County as well as answer questions from the public.  Please keep your questions short and respectful.  Thank you.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

SMART Drive (School Materials and Resources for Teachers) 2023


We Love Rainier WA launched their most recent community service project on International Day of Education!  This is the organizations second of five community service project for 2023. 


The SMART Drive (School Materials and Resources for Teachers) is a school supply drive for the teachers/classrooms at the Rainier Elementary School. 


We Love Rainier WA understands that teacher supplies start to run low this time of the year, and teachers are often left with no option but to purchase the supplies out of their own pocket.  We Love Rainier WA would like to support our educators and their students by lending a hand gathering the supplies to carry them through to the end of the school year.


Those interested in donating items can find a full “wish list of supplies” on a flyer posted to We Love Rainier WA’s Facebook page.  Flyers will also be going up at local businesses around the city and can be picked up at the City Hall.  Drop off locations for supplies are at the Rainier Senior Center, Old Town Bark and Supply, Turner Automotive and the Rainier City Hall.


We Love Rainier WA is a community enrichment organization servicing the residents of the City of Rainier Washington and surrounding area.  We are dedicated to bringing free/low-cost events to our community, to help strengthen family ties.  It is our belief that communities are stronger when we stand together.  To that end, it is our goal to help support the endeavors of the other organizations, the businesses, and the schools in our area, as well as our local cities.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Thank you Timberland Bank!


Dear Seniors & Friends,  

We received a grant from Timberland Bank to purchase and replace the 2 toilets in our restrooms.

We bought the new toilets at Costco in Tumwater Friday morning.  Kevin and Diane Pettit removed the old toilets and installed the new ones Friday afternoon.  They are elongated and have soft close seats.  What a wonderful transformation!

When Kevin removed the old toilets, he noticed that the gaskets were worn out.  We were lucky we didn't have any leaks!  

We are all grateful and appreciative to the Yelm Timberland Bank for funding this project for the Senior Center of Rainier!  

Thank you Timberland Bank!!!

January 2023 Lunch Menu


This coming Wednesday lunch will be beef tips and gravy instead of Salisbury Steak.  
I apologize for the inconvenience

John Snaza Farewell 01052023

John Snaza & Co.

On January 5, 2023, retiring Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza was honored at a luncheon at the Senior Center of Rainier for his 12 years of service to our community.  John has participated in getting a resource office for our schools and started “Coffee with a Cop” so that our citizens could have direct one-on-one discussions about their community concerns.  

We had a full house with standing room only.  Over 60 citizens from the greater Rainier area, Deputies from Thurston and Lewis Counties joined Gary Edwards, Vivian Eason, John’s brother Rod Snaza and our resource officer Frank Frawley all came to wish John well.  John was presented with gifts, an American Flag, plaque and a box signed by everyone in attendance that was filled with cookies.  

The Senior Center of Rainier was honored to host this event.  We thank John for his dedication and service to the people of Thurston County.  He was not only a great Sheriff, he’s a wonderful human being.  We wish John continued success in his future endeavors.  He will be greatly missed.