Friday, July 8, 2016

James Daniel Christensen Celebration of Life

The Rainier Senior Center was packed to capacity for Jim's Celebration of Life.  The ladies who work in the kitchen prepared a wonderful buffet lunch for everyone who attended.  Jim will be greatly missed by everyone.

He loved growing dahlias.  This year he planted yellow lilies in his front yard, too.  His children each will receive some of his dahlia bulbs to remember him by.  We all miss you, Jim...

Peninsula Propane

We have found a super propane service "Peninsula Propane."  They deliver to our home right now for $1. 19 per gallon.

I don’t know who if anyone heats with propane. Linda and I purchased a 120 gal. propane tank this year because I was getting tired fighting with the 25 gal. ones and being told they needed to be re-certified or they wouldn’t fill them.

The reason I went into that was because our first fill up , new customer was $1.10/gal. Well today we got their regular price  of $1.19 a gal. I called another company today and they offered a first time fill at $1.10. I asked about subsequent fills and was told it would depend on many things but would not give me a price.

Anyway Peninsula Propane $1.19.p/gal delivered. They come to Rainier once a week. 
For more information call:  253-534-6137. Carlos usually answers.  If you leave a message, he'll call you back..