Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rainier Easter Egg Hunt 2021

              The Rainier Easter Bunny in action!

Easter came early to Rainier when the Easter Bunny (EB) & friends hid about 2,000 Easter Eggs for the kids to find in Wilkowski Park Saturday.  Parents and kids came early to see the Easter Bunny.  EB entertained people of all ages.  

Parents and grandparents smiled as children looked for eggs.  The eggs were filled with treats.  Candy, trinkets and prizes.  Glenda's Espresso Stand, Main Streeet Cookie Store and Sonja's Cafe gift almost 100 certificates for the kids. Other businesses and private citizens donated dozens of gifts for children.  The certificates for businesses and gifts were hidden in the eggs.
The kids were organized by age group into four different group:  3 & under, 4-7, 8-10, 11 & up.
Once the kids were lined up and ready to go, Everyone patiently waited until George Johnson got on the "We Love Rainier WA" megaphone and let them know the hunt was on.  

Parents & grandparents smiled as kids hunted for eggs.  Everyone was smiling.  Not one person complained about anything! 

                      Oh, no!   Easter Bunny DOWN!  

                 Our Easter Bunny is plum tuckered out.

         Our Easter Bunny is still napping...

                          The Easter Bunny wakes up!

                           George Johnson & Arnold Tiffany.

                        My Easter Bunny:  George Johnson

A special "Thank You" to everyone who donated gifts & eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt this year.  We also want to thank all of the people from the Senior Center of Rainier & We Love Rainier WA for their help filling the Easter Eggs!  It took days and days to fill all of those eggs.  Some eggs were easier to close than others.  

Rachel Stephenson, Tiffany Crop, Bill & Kathy Willette, Arnold Tiffany, George & Linda Johnson, Terri & Bill Rendahl, Dawn, Amber, Matthew & John Kenney, Mike Emmons and many others helped put the Rainier Easter Egg Hunt together for the kids.  

Thank you to Kevin & Diane Pettit for moving the Rainier Saturday Market outdoors.  We appreciate all of the vendors who joined in our Easter Celebration this year.  

Finally, "Thank you" to everyone who joined in our Easter Egg Hunt Saturday.  Shhh...the  adults were smiling as much as the kids!