Thursday, March 16, 2017

UPDATE:Deschutes Neighborhood Group Bird Survey for Sheep Farm

Greetings, Everyone!
Since the beginning of January we have been surveying the bird population every Thursday close to the proposed tower site...3 hours after dawn and 3 hours at dusk.  Black Hills Audubon Members are participating and helping our fledgling birders from our community...It is lots of fun and rewarding!
As the weather changes and birds nest we expect even more activity than ever!

Alex and Carolyn went to the Black Hills Audubon Society (BHAS) Annual Awards Dinner to spread the word of our good works.  A couple more people from BHAS eagerly volunteered!   There are a few pictures below of the event.

Please see the BHAS Dinner Handout (attached)  for the preliminary results of our surveys!
It is so exciting that we have over 3,000 birds counted and about 25 different species!
Help spread the word to the community at large about our Bird Survey for preserving wildlife habitat and all of the wonderful species and bird herds (flocks and gaggles) we have observed. Two pairs of Bald Eagles sat peacefully in a tree for over an hour on the Smith Wetland Property last Thursday.
If you would like to participate in our survey, please contact us at this email ( or Carolyn (360) 446-0468 and we will get back to you!
We welcome volunteers and you can train while surveying!  We even have beautiful color laminated booklets for identification purposes.

Soon we will put out a press release for the newspapers and they will come out and take pictures!
Best to all,
Deschutes Neighborhood Group

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