Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rainier Senior Center Board Meeting Minutes 12/18/2017

Board Meeting started at 1:30 PM on 12/18/17

Board Members Attending:
George Johnson
Linda Johnson
Teena Scott
Betty Howells
Thela Stepp
Board Members Absent:
Dave England
Shirley England
Olive Vincent
Members Present:
Joy Goldman
Angela Denman
Heinz Denman
Nadine Witlock

The agenda was read by everyone.  George Johnson moved to approve the agenda.  Linda Johnson
Seconded the motion.  The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

The minutes for the previous meeting were read by everyone.  Thela Step moved to approve the
minutes.  George Johnson seconded the motion.  The minutes of the previous meeting were
unanimously approved as distributed.  

Treasurer's Report:  
Betty Howells submitted the Treasurer’s Report for the last month.  Details of the savings and
checking accounts were discussed in detail.  


Olive Vincent gave her verbal resignation as Vice President the Board of Directors for the Senior Center of Rainier.  Joy Goldman mailed a letter of Resignation, dated October 7, 2017 to Rosemary Sanders, who turned it over to us after she returned from vacation in December.  Both resignations are accepted and noted.  Olive wants to remain on the Board of Directors, but just not in a leadership role.

Joy Goldman will be having her daughter's memorial at the Senior Center on January 24th, starting at 2 PM.

Open Issues:
Vote taken on new board members for 2018.  Unanimously passed.  

Board of Directors:
Co-Chair:  Thela Stepp
Co-Chair:  Teena Scott
Treasurer:  Betty Howells
Secretary/Co-Treasurer:  Linda Johnson

Members at Large:  
Dave England
Shirley England
George Johnson

Banking: We’ve moved all funds from the bank in Olympia to Twin Star Credit Union in Yelm.
It's much more convenient. There is $35.00 left in the old account, which Betty will ask them
to mail a final check to the Senior Center.

501-c3: Subcommittee formed by Thela and Linda to work on 501-c3. They will meet 12/19/17 to
work on reinstatement.

Status of Property Insurance:  Paid.  Policy mailed out today and is retro to application in November.

Property Taxes:  Due in April

New Business:

Put events into the calendar with the menu.

Old Business was tabled until next meeting.

  1. Install Doors - back room and front to create storage areas for Rummage Sale & Christmas Bazaar items.
  2. Build Sign - Purchase Marque Letters
  3. Door Sign - letting people know that the entrance is on the side of the building
  4. Order checks from the bank
  5. Re-key the PO Box because we need 2 keys.  We only have one.
  6. Open side door to the storage room.  Close off the door into the eating area.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:38 PM

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