Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mike's Electric is installing Air Conditioning at the Senior Center

 Dear Seniors & Friends,

Mike's Electric Crew is installing 3 mini-splits in our dining room today and tomorrow.  (Thursday & Friday).  These units will provide the Senior Center with air conditioning during hot weather and heat during cold weather.

If you need to come to the Senior Center to cool off during this heat wave, please call George at:  (360) 292-5363 or Linda at:  (360) 292-5364.  Several people have keys to our building if you need shelter from the heat, please come to the Senior Center.  Everyone is welcome.

The weather forecast for  Saturday is 98°, Sunday is 107° & Monday is 104°.  We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe during this unusual weather.

Let others know they are welcome to join us at the Senior Center.  Remember, we are a heating and cooling shelter.  Stay Safe!  

Linda & George Johnson
P.S.  Remember to thank Mike and his crew at Mike's Electric for installing these mini-splits.

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