Monday, August 29, 2022

Santa Needs Elves...

Hi Seniors & Friends,

It's time for all of Santa's Elves to come together and work on the kiddie Christmas Stockings.  Everyone is welcome to join the Quilters Guild on October 22, 2022 at the Senior Center of Rainier from 10 AM - ?.  Bring your sewing machine and thread.  (Any color will do).  

We have September and October to get over 200 patchwork stockings made for the kids.  

Fabric donations are needed with solid color and/or small Christmas prints on it.  Any color of satin fabric, too.

Thank you in advance for helping make Christmas Tree Lighting in Holiday Park special for the kids.  Santa will be handing out 230 Christmas Stockings to the kids this year.

We will be giving books to the kids while they're in line this year, rather than have Santa distribute them.  This will help the line move faster and the kids will not be distracted when they visit with him.  

Let's make this Christmas Merry for one and all!!!

Just One of Santa's Little Helpers

P.S.  Candy donations can be dropped off at the Senior Center Monday's & Wednesdays from 9 am - 1:30 pm.  Thank you for your donations!

A Special Message from Tammy Meyers and the PPQG:

The guild has 3 sewing machines to share. Plus, no sewing skills are needed. PPQG* members will teach people how to make the stockings. All hands are needed. Plenty of task to do other than sewing stockings. 

Again, thank you for your help in this project! 

NOTE:  *PPQG - Prairie Point Quilters Guild

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