Thursday, December 1, 2022

Members Who Have Passed Recently

 Dear Seniors & Friends,

Several members have passed in the last couple of weeks:

Shirley Englund passed a couple of weeks ago.  She had been both a Senior Center of Rainier member and board member for several years.  We haven't seen her since the pandemic.  She stayed close to home because of her frail health.  She is greatly missed.

Sherry Adolphi passed away last week.  We had to wait until her family was notified to post the announcement of her passing.  She will be missed by family and friends alike.  

Dave Englund passed away yesterday morning in his home.  He was Shirley's husband.  They were both members and board members of the Senior Center for many, many years.  We miss them both greatly.  They were a joy to be around.

(We have no knowledge of memorials that may be planned).

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