Thursday, August 31, 2023

New Sign for the Senior Center of Rainier

 Several people requested a new sign for the Senior Center.  We looked into having one made by a local company, but simply couldn't afford it, so I designed one on Canva. This is the program I use to make our lunch menus.

I researched companies that print signs for a couple of weeks.  I found a great place to work with called SquareSigns:  They make aluminum signs with UV protection and would put a reflective coating on the sign.  It cost more that a corrugated plastic sign, yet it will last us for decades.  Once I got approval from our Board of Directors I ordered the signs.  

The signs arrived on Monday.  We unpacked them and sent the picture below to Kevin Pettit.

Kevin called us Tuesday.  He was ready to replace our signs.  We met him and his wife, Diane at the Senior Center.  Then we went across the street and helped install the new signs.

George and I went to Jerry's Color store in Yelm and he picked out the paint for the signs. 
First we prepped, taped and primed the sign on both sides. 

Then we went back to the Senior Center while the primer dried for a couple of hours.
Once we were done with our meeting at the Senior Center, we painted the frame dark green.
This is the color that George picked out.  I think it looks great!  

After the paint dried we pulled the painter's tape off of the sign.

This sign should last the Senior Center many years.  We still need to dig around one of the posts and secure it with the foam stuff for posts, and install the solar lights on top.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the new signs!

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