Monday, January 8, 2024

Lunch Price Information January 2024

The Senior Center will be open today at 10 AM.  The new flooring has been installed and everything has been put away.

Our circumstances have changed at the Senior Center.  It was difficult to get provisions from the Rainier Emergency Food Center for a few months.  We didn't know what was happening, so the Board of Directors voted to increase the price of lunch by a dollar in November.  

Last month the REFC closed unexpectedly.  Since their closure many people and non-profits have reached out to us with donations of meat, eggs and food.  Private individuals have offered to donate food, pick up food and deliver it.  

Groups that used to supply the REFC have reached out to us.  Kevin & Diane Pettit got us in contact with Brenda at The Yelm Prairie Christian Center, which has started donating meat and perishable food to us.  

The Tenino Community Service Center called yesterday and will be donating food to us, also.  She will be coming to the Senior Center today with Pastor Pat for lunch today.  She will be bringing romaine lettuce for everyone to take home.  They will be donating food to the Senior Center.

Since our circumstances have changed, there is no need to increase the cost of our meals.  Even though the new lunch cards have $30.00 on them, the price will remain $25.00.  Lunch prices will stay at $5.00 for members and $7.00 for non-members.

We are stewards of the Senior Center.  We can only pass on a cost when it is absolutely necessary.  We look forward to seeing everyone for lunch today!

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