Sunday, June 3, 2018

We Love Rainier WA!

There's a new group in town.  "We Love Rainier Washington".  Over 24 people showed up at the first meeting they had at City Hall last month.  People are very excited about the changes happening in our city.  You're welcome to join our group on Facebook and you will find out when our meetings are being held as well as what we're planning on our FB page:   

There are many wonderful ideas for fun changes that are coming to Rainier.  

  • One idea is to update the name of the Yelm Tenino (Tenino - Yelm) trail to the "TRY" Trail.  Tenino, Rainier, Yelm.  
  • Charmagne Garrison ordered some solar lights to put in trees in along the TRY Trail.
  • The men at the Public Works Department are going to clean up the trail south of Brogan's shop to make it safer to travel on.  
  • Monarch Sculpture Park is going to put some of their metal art along the trail in the greater Rainier area.
  • Cheryl Turner put red, white and blue flowers out in the planters and in front of Turner Automotive.  She is encouraging all of the businesses in town to put out flowers as well.  Joycelyn (Main Street Cookies) and Bo Foster are helping Cheryl with the flowers.
  • The Public Works Department has cleaned up the weeds along the curbs and in the parking strip along Hwy 507.  They've also mowed in some of the ditches along 507 and in other parts of town.
  • The Rainier Lions are going to build a concession stand north of the basketball court.

There are many more projects and wonderful ideas for changes that people want to see happen in Rainier.  Please feel free to bring your thoughts and ideas to our next meeting.  The time and date will be announced soon.

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  1. Rainier is wonderful, lots of good community spirit, and they have a marvelous senior center. I am in Tenino and I say YAY Rainier!