Friday, July 8, 2016

Peninsula Propane

We have found a super propane service "Peninsula Propane."  They deliver to our home right now for $1. 19 per gallon.

I don’t know who if anyone heats with propane. Linda and I purchased a 120 gal. propane tank this year because I was getting tired fighting with the 25 gal. ones and being told they needed to be re-certified or they wouldn’t fill them.

The reason I went into that was because our first fill up , new customer was $1.10/gal. Well today we got their regular price  of $1.19 a gal. I called another company today and they offered a first time fill at $1.10. I asked about subsequent fills and was told it would depend on many things but would not give me a price.

Anyway Peninsula Propane $1.19.p/gal delivered. They come to Rainier once a week. 
For more information call:  253-534-6137. Carlos usually answers.  If you leave a message, he'll call you back..

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