Friday, September 8, 2017

Thank You for Donating to the Olympia Union Gospel Mission!

It all started with one person's idea.  Thank you, Nancy Bay!  Nancy cleaned out her closet and brought in 4 bags of gently used winter clothing for the Rainier Senior Center to donate to the Olympia Union Gospel Mission.  

Rosemary Sanders ran with the idea!  

Everyone at the Rainier Senior Center sends a special "Thank You" to everyone who donated clothing and other usable items to the Olympia Union Gospel Mission.  In addition to nice, warm winter clothing, we received business suits from someone who recently retired, sleeping bags and back packs, winter coats shoes, socks & new underwear.  

We had so many items we filled up the entry way with bags and bags...and more bags.  What a treat for the people who were there to help us unload our vehicles.  (Yes, we overfilled 2 vehicles.  A full sized truck and a station wagon.  

Once we arrived at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission,m we had many people help us unload all of the clothing and other items.  We are grateful for everyone's help and donations.  Thank you so much!

George Johnson is 6' 4" tall.  Look at how tall the pile is behind him!  It's tall, deep and wide!

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