Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween in the Park 2017 Pictures

Halloween in the park was a huge win for the city of Rainier.  Hundreds of children and adults started arriving at 5 pm sharp .  If you were not there you truly missed an amazing evening. Over 200 children brought their parents to Boo-Kowski Park, for a "Happy Halloween!"  The kids enjoyed playing games more than the candy.  We even had left over candy in our booth.

Alice Kinney showed up on her trusty steed as the "Grim Reaper."  All George Johnson could say was "We have a horse!  We have a horse here!!"  What a terrific surprise for the kids and adults alike.   Thanks to Alice, Boo-Kowski Park was spooky this year. (Pictures below this article.)

A special "thank you" goes out to:  Rainier Community Cares, the Mayor & Rainier City Council, Rainier Senior Center, Rainier Emergency Food Center, Rainier Lions Club members, The Rainier Cub Scouts, Main Street Cookies and many other groups brought treats for the kids, so they could celebrate a safe and fun Halloween. 

I want to thank the following people  who made this a fun night for all , children and adults alike.
Chris Beck- Rainier Lions
Dawn Kenney-John-Michael- Autumn - Rainier Lions
Teri Rendahl-Rainier Lions
Jennica Machado-Rainier Community Cares
Brandi Howell- and scouts- Rainier Cub Scouts Pack 307
Nancy Decker-Rainier Food Bank
Tom Decker-Rainier Food Back
Phyillis Heinselman.-Rainier Food bank
Laura--Rainier Food Bank
Joycelyn Zambuto-Main Street Cookies
Tom and Ellie Armbrister
Art Runyan-Tipsoo Loop
Alice Kinney and big horse- the grim reaper-Tipsoo Loop
Cherry Crafton-Rochester St’
Rachael Stephenson-Tipsoo  Loop

Another big thank you to Rita Meldrum and teachers who got the word out to the kids , they are great.
All of these people gave their time and money to make this a fun night for our kids. PLEASE thank them when you see them. The scouts were having so much fun running games that they passed on trick or treating.

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