Monday, November 27, 2017

RSC Board Meeting Minutes November 27, 2017

Board Meeting started at 1:30 PM on 11/27/17

George & Linda Johnson
Teena Scott
Betty Howells
Thela Stepp

Dave & Shirley England
Rosemary Sanders

New Business:

  1. Install Doors - back room and front to create storage areas for Rummage Sale & Christmas Bazaar items.
  2. Build Sign - Purchase Marque Letters
  3. Door Sign - letting people know that the entrance is on the side of the building
  4. Order checks from the bank
  5. Re-key the PO Box because we need 2 keys.  We only have one.
  6. Open side door to the storage room.  Close off the door into the eating area.

Nominations for Board Chairs:

Chair:  Thela Stepp
Co-Chair:  Teena Scott
Secretary:  Linda Johnson
Treasurer:  Betty Howells
Members at Large:  Dave & Shirley England, Rosemary Sanders

Old Business:  

  1. Checking account in Yelm, Betty will move the balance from Olympia account and close that account.
  2. Insurance change is complete - Mutual Life
  3. 501-c3 paperwork updated.
  4. Property Tax - Due in April
  5. We earned $1216.00 from our Christmas Bazaar, so far.  There were some sales today.
  6. We are having a Cookie Exchange on December 9th at 1 PM, along with a white elephant gift exchange and donations of one can of food to the Senior Center Food Bank for our members.
  7. We received donations for our Rummage Sale this spring from an estate sale.  
  8. The Rainier Emergency Food Center is donating 2 turkeys to the Senior Center this week.

Next Meeting will be December 19th.

Treasurer's Report will be in December due to the bank change.  

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