Monday, January 15, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes 1/15/18

Board Meeting started at 1:00 PM on 1/15/18

Board of Directors:
Co-Chair:  Thela Stepp
Co-Chair:  Teena Scott
Treasurer:  Betty Howells
Secretary/Co-Treasurer:  Linda Johnson

Members at Large:  
Dave England
Shirley England
George Johnson
Olive VIncent
Board Members Attending:
George Johnson
Linda Johnson
Teena Scott
Betty Howells
Thela Stepp
Dave England
Shirley England
Board Members Absent:
Olive Vincent
Members Present:
Sue Watson
Kevin Watson
Angela Denman
Shirley Rodger
Callie Wattenbarger

The agenda was read by everyone.   The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

The minutes for the previous meeting will be read by everyone at next months meeting.  
Linda Johnson forgot to print them for this months meeting.   They will be read with this
months minutes.  
An abbreviated version of the minutes will be posted for members to read at the center.
Board Meetings will be held on the third Monday of the month.  They will be listed on the
lunch menu.  (BINGO is also held on the third Monday of the month.)

Treasurer's Report:  
Betty Howells discussed the Treasurer’s Report for the last month.  Details of the savings and
checking accounts were discussed.  

1. Betty paid the property insurance for the year starting in November 2017 and going
through November 2018.  Insurance is through Liberty Mutual.
2. Betty has all documents for 2017 in the office.  They are well organized and she will
turn them over to Linda Johnson to put the data into a spreadsheet, so it can be analyzed.
3. Everyone needs to pay for lunch.  If someone can’t afford lunch, then donations need to
be set aside to cover the cost of those lunches.
4. Christmas Bazaar brought in just over $1,600.00.Easter Sales have brought in just
over $160.00.  
5. We will advertise the Easter sale after Valentine's day.
6. Cost analysis and budget are being worked on.  
7. Once reports are completed, reports will be printed up to be reviewed at next
months meeting.

Security System Changes: Teena Scott and Thela Stepp are now the contacts for
our security system.

Membership:  As a general rule, our Board Meetings will be open to all members
of the Rainier Senior Center. We value their input and ideas.  
Member benefits have changed.  
Any member who needs to use the facility for a memorial, etc, can use it at no charge.
Only members will receive a “free” birthday lunch during the week of their birthday.  
  • Note:  Thela Stepp made this suggestion.  
  • George Johnson motioned we pass "free" birthday lunch change.
  • Angela Denman seconded the motion.
  • Unanimously passed by all voting members present.
Pending further discussion:  If we have to increase the price of lunches, members who pay
by the month will stay at the same rate, but no refunds will be given for missed lunches

Upcoming Events:
  • Joy Goldman will be having her daughter's memorial at the Senior Center on January 24th, starting at 2 PM.
  • Valentine's Lunch will be a "Special" lunch.  The price will be $5.00 per person.
  • Rummage Sale will be held on May 4th & 5th.  Set up will be May 3rd.
  • Bluegrass will be held August 24th, 25th & 26th.  We’re planning on having a bake sale, raffle (baskets), peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake.

A new 4’ x 4’ sign will be made, which will have a place to put in a Bazaar, Rummage Sale,
or other sales signs for special occasions.

We may look into getting grants for improvements to our building.  Places to apply for grants:
Nisqually Tribe
Lucky Eagle Casino
JZ Knight
Twin Star
Timberland Bank

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by George Johnson & seconded by Teena Scott.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM by Thela Stepp.  The next general meeting will be at 1 PM
on February 19, 2018.

Minutes submitted by:  _______________________

Approved by:  ________________________

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