Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Senior Center gets a facelift.

George Johnson, Wil Speight and I went the to the Senior Center yesterday and today.  Wil did weeding, edging and mowed the lawn.  George put out 2 yards of beauty bark and put up two new signs that he made.  I painted the sign out in front of the Senior Center of Rainier.

Check out the pictures!

Just after scraping & sanding...I started the first coat of paint.
Back of the Senior Center sign.

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How the front yard looks after the weeding, pruning, mowing, edging & beauty bark.

The new paint job on our Senior Center Sign.

New Signs.

More beauty bark...

Two new signs on the front porch.  One holds the menu,
the other tells visitors to go to the side door.

New signs on the front porch.

George spreading beauty bark.

George putting out beauty bark in the front of the Senior Center.

The garden behind the parking bumpers.

To the right of the side entrance door.

To the left of the side entrance door.

The whole left side before the entrance door.

The finished paint job.

After the first coat of paint.
We Love Rainier Washington!

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