Saturday, January 19, 2019

Update on STEDI Meeting & Pre-Valentine's Day Bazaar

What an amazing couple of days!  Donna and Cindy, who work in our kitchen, came in to help cook and serve breakfast for the people who showed up at the Senior Center for the STEDI Meeting Friday.  We started cooking at 6 AM and put breakfast out at 7:45 AM.  We had over 20 people attend and most of them ate breakfast.

Donna, Cindy and I all baked goodies for the bake sale coming up the next day at the Pre-Valentine's day Bazaar.  

Debbie came in and helped at the Bazaar all day Saturday and she brought a bag of goodies that she baked, too.

Art, Sue Watson, George and I were at the Senior Center both days.  Shirley & Sue both came Friday evening, to help set up for the Bazaar.

Sarah Christensen & Amber Chavis put on the most amazing bazaar!  If you didn't attend, you missed a fun event!  This was not only fun, but this was also the best, most enjoyable bazaar we've ever had at the Senior Center during our time here.  They set up and put everything back.  They had to take the furniture out of the back room to make space for vendors.  

Debbie and I served at least 40 meals Saturday to the vendors and their children.  We had breakfast croissants, polish sausages, turkey sandwiches, tuna Sandwiches, vegetable soup, split pea soup, chips, potato salad, and cole slaw.  We offered free coffee and snacks.  Sandwiches were made to order on their choice of bread.  (French bread, which we sliced, croissants or the rolls we use for the polish sausages.)  People had a wide variety of items to choose from for lunch.  Lunch was $5.00.  We provided this service for the vendors and their families, yet many, many customers ate lunch, too.

Our vendors had a wonderful time!  There was a constant stream of customers that came through the Senior Center from the time we opened until we closed.  Sue Watson and Shirley Roger had booths by the front door.  Shirley sold 4 cookbooks.  Sue talked to several people who are interested in joining our Senior Center.  She also sold several lunch tickets.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience. Amber and Sarah are planning several upcoming events to benefit the Senior Center, including a motorcycle/auto show July 20th in Wilkowski Park.  

Thank you, Sarah & Amber for all your hard work organizing the Pre-Valentine's Day Bazaar!  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to our Senior Center!  

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