Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Senior Center of Rainier By-Laws

Senior Center of Rainier
108 Michigan Street
Rainier, WA  98576
(360) 446-2258


(Revised 21 January 2019/Approved 18 February 2019)

The name of this center is the Senior Center of Rainier hereafter known as the Center.  

            The purpose of the Center is to operate and maintain a multipurpose senior center.

            Section 1.  The Center’s target service population is “senior” citizens.  However, there is no required minimum age for membership.  There are also no geographical restrictions concerning place of residence for membership.   

            Section 2.  Regular Membership at the Center consists of people who are “senior” citizens who pay the current membership dues.

            Section 3.  Current membership dues at the Center include:  annual dues and per meal donations.  Non-members may eat at the Center for a donation.  The Board sets current membership dues annually or on an “as needed basis”.

            Section 4.  The Center Secretary shall compile and maintain a list of Regular Members of the Center.  This list shall include the month when the person joined the Center as this information is necessary for the renewing Annual Dues.  

            Section 1. The Center Board of Directors (hereafter known as the Board)  consists of at least 7 Regular Members.  These Regular Members must be interested in promoting the general goals of the Center.

            Section 2.  The functions of the Board shall be to provide for and give direction to the Center’s general program; to establish and interpret the general policies of the Center; and to conduct the business of the Center in an orderly and fiscally responsible manner.

            Section 3.  The Board must approve any capital expenditure for the Center.

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            Section 4.  The Board will vote to approve all Center key holders.  These decisions will be made on a case-by-case, as needed basis.  The Board will also vote to ask a current key holder to return his/her keys.

Section 5.  The Board will fill any current vacancy so that Board membership always consists of at least 7 Regular Members.  

Section 6.  Qualified Regular Members may be nominated for potential Board membership by volunteering; by being recommended by another Regular Member; or by invitation of the Board.  The names of all qualified Regular Members proposed for Board membership shall be forwarded to the Board.  The Board shall act upon these  nominations.  Then the Board shall present its actions to Regular Members at the following Monday or Wednesday meal.   

Section 7.  The Center Secretary will publish the Board’s actions using the Center e-mail server list or the Blog.  Further, the Secretary will compile and maintain a list of Board members.  The Board shall review the Board membership of any Board member who has 3 consecutive unexcused absences from regular Board meetings.
            Section 8.  All Board members are expected to serve for a 2 year term.  They may be nominated and selected for successive terms.

            Section 1.  The Center’s Board Officers, at a minimum, include:  Two Co-Chairpersons (Position 1 & Position 2), a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Co-Treasurer.  The Board will fill these 5 positions from current Board membership. 

Section 2.  All selected Board Officers serve for a period of 2 years.  They may be selected for successive terms.

Section 3.  The Center Secretary shall publish the Board’s actions using the Center e-mail server list or the Blog.  

Section 4.  The Center’s Board may temporarily create a new Officer position and ask a Board member to fill that position.  If there is a need to make this position permanent, the position will be filled by the Board.

            Section 1.  There are currently no Standing Committees at the Center; other than the Executive Committee.  The Board takes care of any potential Committee work at the present time.  If the need arises, the Board could stand up the following Committees:   Finance, Planning, IT, and/or any other Committees as may be deemed necessary by the Board.

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Section 2.  The Executive Committee consists of the 2 Co-Chairpersons.  This Committee is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Board in case of emergencies.
Section 3.  In the event of a Committee being stood up, the Board Co-Chairpersons will appoint the chairperson of that committee.  

            Section 1.  The Board meets monthly on the third Monday at 1:00 PM after  Lunch at the Center.     

            Section 2.  All Board meetings are open to attendance by the Center’s Regular Members.  

            One-half of the members of the Board, plus at least one of the Co-Chairpersons,  constitutes a quorum at any Board meeting.                                                                 

ARTICLE IX  THE FISCAL YEAR                                                                                 The fiscal year shall be 12 calendar months ending on 31 December.
            Section 1.  The Center’s By-Laws may be amended at any Board meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board members present.  However, any such amendments must be presented in writing to all members of the Board at least 7 days prior to the Board meeting.  
Section 2.  Such amendments become effective as soon as approved or as otherwise specified in the amendments.

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