Sunday, January 19, 2020

New Appliances Donated to the Senior Center!!!

Dear Seniors & Friends,

We use two stoves and ovens to prepare our meals.  Our stoves and fridge were old and we needed new appliances.  Left to our own devices, it looked like they were not in our future.  Our senior center needs a new roof, so buying appliances was not on our agenda.

And then....

Last week someone donated a brand new side-by-side refridgerator and glass top stove to our Senior Center.  Pastor Pat and Crew - delivered them on Wednesday morning.  We had everything ready for them to be put right in place. 

A special "Thank You" goes out to our ananoumous donor of the fridge and stove, as well as to the crew that delivered them to us.  

We still needed a gas stove.  We were designated as an emergency shelter in 2001 by the City of Rainier, with the blessings of the Board of Directors at that time.  Most emergencies in our area are  power outages.  Most of these occur during bad weather when trees fall on power lines.  With a gas stove, we can open as a heating/cooling shelter and provide hot meals to our seniors.

We found a brand new gas range, offered by Christy, on Offer-up.  She and her husband, donated it to our senior center.  We picked it up Friday morning.  Thank you to Christy & her family for donating the gas range.  It is a tremendous blessing to the Senior Center of Rainier.  We really appreicate your donation!

All of our appliances are Whirlpool.  They're beautiful and are hooked up and ready to use on Monday! 

We appreciate everyone who contributes to our Senior Center in Rainier.  Thank you from the hearts of our seniors in Rainier!

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