Monday, March 29, 2021

New Roof!!!

 It's been a noisy weekend at the 'ol Senior Center of  Rainier!

The Senior Center of Rainier has a new roof! A special "Thank You" goes out to the West Coast Roofing & Siding LLC crew for doing such a great job on our roof! Thank you to everyone who donated and contributed to help the Senior Center get their new roof!

West Coast Roofing and Siding LLC replaced our roof!  It looks great.  George and I spent all day Thursday and most of the day Friday at the center while the crew worked on the roof.  They did several walk-throughs to pick up odd and end roofing pieces.  Then they took a magnet and picked up all nails and metal debris.

We're pleased with the job the West Coast Roofing & Siding crew did!    

What took us by surprise was the reaction of the Rainier Elementary School Students!

The elementary school kids were watching the crew work on the roof.  The students were so interested that many of their teachers gave them a history lesson about our building.  Many of the students got really excited when they found out our building is over 100 years old!  
Oh, to be young and have such enthusiasm for life!  

Everything is new and our roof!

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