Friday, October 29, 2021

Fuji Apple Sales 2021


Apples are $40.00 per box for a 40-pound box or $25.00 for a 20-pound box.

These are premium quality apples that are individually packed in the boxes this year. 


These apples are fresh, crisp and juicy.  

They are a winter apple that will last for a long time if they are kept cold. 

They're good for pies, apple crisp, apple strudel, eating, apple sauce, apple cake, muffins & more!  


Remember to order your box of Fuji Apples today!!!  

Order by November 7, 2021, expected delivery is November 13, 2021. 

To order, contact: 

Rachele Stephenson at (253) 228-7862

or Tiffany Crop at:  (503) 927-3992.

Send a check payable to We Love Rainier WA at P.O. Box 67, Rainier, WA 98576

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