Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Congratulations to George Sharp!

 George Johnson presented George Sharp with a Certificate of Appreciation at the monthly STEDI (South Thurston Economic Development Initiative) Meeting, Friday, November 19, 2021, for his help and inspiration here in Rainier, WA.  "We Love Rainier WA" is his creation.  He's helped us get it off the ground - and it hit the road running!  

George Sharp has been the driving force behind many of the successful projects in Rainier WA.  He has supported & encouraged the Senior Center of Rainier, as well as the City of Rainier to write for grants to help fund major projects here.  I know that the Senior Center of Rainier and the Rainier Emergency Food Center received funds that helped us survive the pandemic lockdown.  We wouldn't have made it through these lockdowns without his guidance.  THANK YOU, GEORGE!

George identified resources for Rainier:

  • Senior Center of Rainier grants:  $17,500
  • Rainier Emergency Food center:  $12,500
  • City of Rainier:  $30,000 in 2020, $319,000 in 2021 & $319,000 2022
  • Thurston Strong Grants $860,000 Rural Areas & $90,000 Rainier Businesses

George brings people and groups together.  They build their own teams to get things done in South Puget Sound.  He's behind the economic development of many small communities in our area:  Bucoda, Rainier, Tenino, Rochester, Grand Mound & Yelm.  

For your leadership, service and contributions to 

“We Love Rainier WA”, 

Senior Center of Rainier 

and the people of the City of Rainier. 

Your dedication and guidance has helped 

make our community a huge success. 

You are our “Difference Maker”.

George Sharp has really made a huge difference in Rainier!

Thank you, George!

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