Friday, May 13, 2022

Planning for Long Term Care

Ronnie Meldrum, CLTC

We received a letter this week from Ronnie Meldrum, CLTC, owner of Meldrum Insurance, an agency that specializes in Medicare and Long Term Care Financial Services.  Se is offering to give a free educational presentation about Planning for long term care.  Her agency has been helping Seniors qualify for Medicaid Long-Term Care for over 10 years. You can learn more about her services at:

"For over twenty years, Planning4LTC has been speaking to audiences at events about how p people pay for long-term care.  Our speakers have presented at many events and have received rave feedback from audiences, as well as organizers over the years.  We have offices in Olympia & Port Angeles."

Their Presenter will:
  • Go over the most common myths of who will pay for their long-term care (Medicare, VA or Medicaid)
  • Whether or not you need to be impoverished to qualify for Medicaid LTC.
  • What could happen if you put your home in your child's name or a trust.
  • How much money can you give away?
  • What legal documents are important when applying for Medicaid LTC.
  • How much money can I have and still qualify for Medicaid LTC?
  • The Estate Recovery Act and who will get their home "taken away".
  • In addition to the presentation, the speaker will conduct a 10-minute Q&A after the presentation.

Free Long Term Care Webinar: 

Seniors & Friends:  Please let us know if you'd be interested in having Ronnie Meldrum make a presentation at the Senior Center.  Let us know if you would prefer a presentation before lunch, shortly after lunch or in the evening. 

Thank you.

Linda Johnson

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