Thursday, October 5, 2023

Senior Center Building Use Agreement

  Below is a copy of the Building Use Agreement for the Senior Center of Rainier.

Please keep in mind that many groups use our building on a regular basis.  These groups have priority.  (Arrangements are already made for these groups).

  • Prairie Point Quilters Guild
  • AA
  • Timberland Library
  • We Love Rainier WA
  • Girl Scouts
  • STEDI Breakfasts
    • Hallway between Library & Dining Room

      Library facing north (right)

      Library facing north side (left)

      Library in alcove

      Library - stairway to upstairs 

      Library west wall area

      Library south wall (Right) by front door

      Library south wall (Left) by front door

      Library room - facing south wall

      Library - facing east wall

      Library facing northeast

      Dining room facing southeast

      Dining room facing west wall -
      looking from the Library

      Dining room - showing mini food bank

      Kitchen showing 3 sink, hand sink & dishwasher

      South wall in kitchen facing dining room

      Kitchen showing side-by-side fridge

      Kitchen showing dish cupboard

      Kitchen showing both stoves and spice cupboard

      Kitchen - metal table in center facing both stoves

      Kitchen - wall with counter that's facing the dining room

      2nd bathroom by side enterence

      1st bathroom by side enterence

      Dining room facing the kitchen (North)

      Dining room facing the West wall.

      Dining room facing the Library

      East wall in dining room from side entrance.

      East wall in dining room from hallway to Library

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