Thursday, March 21, 2024

Visit to the Department of Fisheries on the Skookumchuck River

 George and I met Jody Stoltz and her crew from the Tenino Community Service Center at the Dam along the Skookumchuck River.  We went there to pick up some fish for our senior citizens.  Jody was picking up fish for the local food bank.

The river runs through huge granite walls that are several stories high.  What a view!

The men working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife are all college educated.  The person we talked to the most went to college in Vermont.  He said there's one school in Washington and another in Oregon that have classes for anyone interested is studying fish.

They were sorting fish to take to stock a local lake today.  They take fish to several different local lakes for local fishermen.  The stocking is staggered because of the size limit of what a truck tank can hold.  


This is what we saw when we first drove up. 
The rock wall in back is several stories high.

This truck has a tank that is filled with fish to stock lakes.

Jody and crew are picking up fish for their food bank.

The tall contraption on the right is over the holding tank for fish that are sorted to stock lakes.

This rock wall is several stories high on both sides.  The river runs through the granite walls. 
Stunning view.

Shorter part of the rock wall is behind the holding tank for fish tank to stock in local lakes. 

The truck drives under the area on the far right, where the fish are brought 
out of the tank and put into the tank on the truck.  Quite an operation.

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