Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Visitor: Ronda Litzenberger

 Ronda Litzenberger called and asked if she could come and speak to our seniors during lunch.  She and a member of her team came yesterday.  She's from Eatonville.  She has been on the Eatonville School Board for the last 16 years.  She's endorsed by Gary Edwards. She will be attending the STEDI Breakfast Meeting on Friday, July 21st.  The meeting starts at 8 AM and usually lasts until 9:30 AM.  

Although the Senior Center of Rainier doesn't endorse any candidates, we do allow them to come and speak during lunch. 

We encourage speakers from other non-profit & civic groups to speak just before lunch, also.

If you would like to come speak on a Monday or Wednesday around 11:15 - 11:30, please feel free to call George at:  (360) 292-5363.

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